Airport Chauffeur Transfer Frankfurt Airport (FRA) To Hahn Airport (HHN)

Traveling between the Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and the Hahn Airport (HHN) is quite easy and efficient, especially if one knows the best way to get there. The distance between Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Hahn Airport (HHN) is 115 km. Moreover, the road distance is 114.5 km, which is around 1 hour 22 minutes. Among the most effective ways to embark on this journey is by hiring an airport chauffeur transfer service. This article will give the passengers all the information they may need to a smooth and easy experience hiring an airport chauffeur service.

What is an Airport Chauffeur Transfer meant to be?

An airport chauffeur transfer is a booking service in which an experienced driver (chauffeur) comes to one airport terminal to take you to another. This service provides a comfortable, hassle-free, and convenient transport means. Everything is provided – from helping with your luggage to finding your way through the traffic – and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Why you should consider an airport chauffeur transfer?

An airport chauffeur service is all about convenience and comfort. Here are the reasons why you must consider this transfer service:


The driver will meet you at your terminal and assist with your bags.


Travel in a clean, well-maintained vehicle so you have enough room for all your belongings for the journey.


Hire the professional chauffeurs are those experienced drivers who always cared for your safety.


Chauffeurs keeping track of the flight schedules to be able to pick or drop off the customers on time.


Do not have to waste time waiting for buses or trains, or having to book a car for yourself.

The Journey from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Hahn Airport (HHN)

Frankfurt International airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and it is situated approximately 12 kilometers from Frankfurt city center. Hahn is a small and relatively less popular airport which is located about 75 miles away from Frankfurt. It is crucial to notice that Hahn Airport is not located in Frankfurt, but in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Distance and Travel Time

Frankfurt Airport is approximately 120 Kilometers (75 miles) away from Hahn Airport. The drive, usually, would take approximately one hour and half, depending on the traffic situation.


The route begins at Frankfurt am Main International Airport, also known as Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Take the A3 westbound motorway.

Merge onto the A61 highway

You will continue the journey till you reach the exit for Hahn Airport (HHN)

Booking an Airport Chauffeur Transfer

Getting an airport chauffeur transfer is easy. Here are the steps:

Choose a Reputable Service: 

Search for recommended chauffeur services. Read customer reviews and ratings on the internet.

Provide Your Details: 

Put your pick up location (Frankfurt Airport), drop off location (Hahn Airport), date, and time.

Select a Vehicle: 

The available types of vehicles range from regular cars like sedans, SUVs to classy cars like luxury cars depending on your needs.

Confirm Your Booking: 

Check the details and finalize your reservation. You will receive an email confirmation that contains all the details.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Transfer?

If you are preparing to leave from Frankfurt airport to the Hahn airport, here is what you can expect on the transfer day:

Meet Your Chauffeur: 

At Frankfurt Airport, you will be met by your personal driver whom you’ll recognize as they will be holding a sign with your name on it.

Assistance with Luggage: 

The chauffeur will assist you with your luggage and direct you to the car.

Comfortable Ride: 

Get a comfortable ride to Hahn Airport. Facilities that will be provided in the vehicle include air conditioning and bottled water.

Arrival at Hahn Airport: 

The chauffeur will take you to the correct terminal and help you with your luggage.

Advantages of Hiring a Chauffeur Service

Airport chauffeur transfer has several advantages that make the journey comfortable and convenient when compared to other means of transport:

Stress Free travelling:

One of major benefits is the possibility of stress free travelling. Passengers can also be relieved from the stress of finding their way in traffic, where to park or even the route to follow with a professional chauffeur. 


Chauffeur services also come with the added benefit of punctuality and reliability. Professional drivers are experienced and knowledgeable. They are always punctual and know the best routes in the city. This reliability minimizes the chances of missing flights. Moreover, you can save your time, effort and energy.


The convenience and luxury of the chauffeur-driven car greatly improves the experience of traveling. These cars are normally sophisticated, well-conditioned. They have facilities such as internet connection, water, and comfortable seats. Moreover, the passengers can either rest or take care of their activities while sitting on the vehicle.


Another essential advantage is safety. While on the road, the chauffeurs ensure that the safety of passengers come first. They obey the traffic laws, and drive the cars carefully. The best thing is that they take care of your flight schedule and make sure you reach the airport on time.

Airport Transfer Services and Price Comparison

Let us take a look at the services offered by airport chauffeur transfer along with the price comparison:


 The longer the distance the cost increases and the shorter the distance the cost reduces.

Type of Vehicle: 

Standard vehicles are cheaper than luxury ones.

Time of Day: 

It may be more expensive to travel during peak hours.

Additional Services:

 For instance, child seats or making a number of extra stops will cost extra. On average, you may be charged between 100 and 200 euros for a one way transfer from Frankfurt Airport to Hahn Airport. It is recommended that you agree on the price with the chauffeur service provider before hiring his or her services.

Tips for a successful transfer

If you want to hire an airport chauffeur service and make sure it is smooth, follow these tips:

Book in Advance: 

Get access and perhaps, cheaper price by booking in advance.

Confirm Details: 

Make sure of the flight times and pass the correct information to the chauffeur service.

Prepare for Delays

It is also important to update the chauffeur service in case of a flight delay.

Stay Connected:

 Ensure that your phone is always charged and within your reach just in case you need to talk to your chauffeur.

How to book an airport chauffeur transfer?

Hiring an airport chauffeur car service is easy and can make your trip less stressful and more comfortable. 


To begin with, one can search for credible companies offering chauffeur services on the Internet or use special applications. Categorize by reviews, the range of vehicle types available, and costs. 


When you’ve chosen a service, go to their website or the application to book your spot. Please specify your travel information, including your flight number, pickup time and pickup location. Select the kind of car you require for your trip, be it a luxury car, Off-road vehicle, or even a van for a group.

Enter your payment details

Enter your payment details to confirm the booking. You will get an email or a text message with the driver’s information and the car details you have booked. The chauffeur will track your flight for any delays and pick you up at the right time or drop you at the airport in a reliable and efficient manner. Include any additional requests like child seats or preferred routes.


The airport chauffeur transfer services offer a lot of benefits in terms of convenience, reliability and luxury. These services can save your time wasted in traffic and the inconvenience of looking for a parking spot or parking the car. The drivers are experts and knowledgeable. Moreover, they know the best routes in the city. They know about your flight schedules and will let you reach the airport on time. Whether you are going for a vacation or business travels, opting for an airport chauffeur transfer is the best idea.


1. Where can I meet my chauffeur at Frankfurt Airport?

Your driver will be waiting for you at the agreed pick up point in the arrival hall of the Frankfurt Airport. It will usually consist of a sign with your name written on it. Meeting point details will be provided in the voucher that will be sent to you after the booking process.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

Professional chauffeur services track flight schedules. For instance, if your flight is delayed, the chauffeur will change the time of pickup to a later time. However, it is still advisable to let the service know about any large delays to avoid disrupting the flow of the process.

Am I allowed to make extra stops during the trip?

Yes, most of the chauffeur services provide for extra stops but the rider must let the service provider know beforehand. Extra stops might be charged extra fees, and therefore, it is recommended that it should be discussed at the time of the booking.

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