Airport Chauffeur Transfer Frankfurt Airport (FRA) To Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

Smooth and luxurious airport transfers are unmatchable when it comes to the level of comfort and convenience that chauffeur services offer. The distance between Frankfurt Airport to Berlin Tegel Airport is 5 hours 1 min (548.2 km) via A4 and A9. It will take around 5-6 hours by car, depending on traffic and road conditions. In this article, we will look from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) through the eye of chauffeur transfer service. 

We will cover why to hire a chauffeur, the main features of FRA and TKL airports, information about the booking process, the actual travel experience and compare the costs with other transportation options. Please come along with us as we plunge into a smart and comfortable voyage between the two airports in Germany.

Advantages of Airport Chauffeur Transfer Services

Here are some benefits:

Comfort and Convenience

Chauffeur transfer services can provide you with a luxurious vehicle in which a professional driver takes care of all the arrangements to give you a chance to enjoy a peaceful travel all the way. When your driver is taking care of the road traffic and choosing the best routes in the city, you don’t have to worry.

Time Efficiency

Say goodbye to long lines or unpredictable delays – chauffeur transfers offer you the optimal way of getting to the airport on time, avoiding unnecessary stress. You don’t have to waste your time and make the most of your journey with a trusted chauffeur. 

Online Reservation Platforms

Getting a chauffeur transfer from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) is as easy as choosing your favorite sausage at an Oktoberfest buffet. Some online booking platforms provide this service meaning that you can book in advance and confirm your enjoyable travel from point A to point B with the help of a click.

Customized Transfer Packages

If you look for a remarkable experience like in the Berlin art exhibition, you can try the tailor-made transfer packages. Be it a lavish vehicle, an optional layover for sightseeing, or simply having a tour guide incognito as your chauffeur, these packages can tailor-make to your whims and fancies.

Key features and services at Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

FRA is the epitome of German engineering, with today’s hubs, green terminals and plenty of shopping and dining options to keep you occupied at some stopover locations. Moreover, the transit gadget is so smooth that you will experience as if you are gliding through the airport.

Key features and services at Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

Alternatively, TXL has that old allure that makes sense when you step back in time. The compact format allows you to go from test entry to gate in no time, and the quirky layout adds a touch of whimsy to your tour.

Reliable and Safe Airport Chauffeur Transfer

You have two airports you can choose from to get to the city. If you are flying to the German capital, you will be landing in one of Berlin’s two existing mid-sized airports. They constitute – Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF). However, both of them are located relatively close to the city center. And it all depends on your transportation preferences and where you want to sleep. Order our cheap Berlin taxi from and to the airport. 

The interesting German city, Berlin, beholds every traveler with something special. You can travel from Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall to the Jewish museum and magnificent dinosaur exhibition at the natural history museum to have a very interesting holiday in this colorful city.

Secure, Safe Chauffeur services with the Luxury Fleets

If you want to enhance your trip to Berlin, you have a lot of ways to do so. It can be done by making it a premium, comfortable, and posh one. You can enjoy our wide range of latest luxurious cars fleet including Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A 6, Tesla, Mercedes V Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A 8 and Mercedes-Benz B-Class. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a corporate person or a leisure traveler, in small or large groups. They have on all sorts of vehicles to fulfil every travel need such as Wi-Fi and water in every car. All our vehicles have equipped with efficient safety features and modern technologies as well. This service covers transfers between the Berlin Tegel airport and your hotel or any other place you designate.

Book airport chauffeur service to visit top attractions

The city’s unending, colorful and intriguing history makes it possible for us to explore the city’s tough past in ways that are exciting and interesting. Either Prussian palaces or World War II history or great museums or historical monuments each reflects some part of the past. 

Probably, if you are in the city for the first time, it can be extremely thrilling for you, and you will be able to experience the combination of the most incredible sights, the history and the culture. If you are familiar with this sentence, you are certainly about to embark on a wonderful journey around that city but if you are the kind of person who would rather not waste their time waiting for public transport from the airport then Noble Transfer’s Taxi Berlin is here to remove all your worries.

The distance between Berlin Tegel airports and Berlin city is 11 km. 5 km (32 minutes) but from Berlin Schoenefeld, it is 21. In this case, our Berlin Tegel Airport transfer to city or Private Berlin Schoenefeld Airport Shuttle will be your best fit. If Tegel airport is your best option going to and from your accommodation, then Berlin Tegel airport transfers to city will suit you perfectly. It will take us 28 minutes to reach the German city with the great environment and comfortable ambiance in the luxurious vehicle accompanied by our well-trained drivers.

Selecting the Right Chauffeur Service for Your Needs

Here is how you can select the right service:

Researching Different Chauffeur Companies

It is crucial to research all available companies in order to pick a chauffeur service that fulfills your preferences. Always check for reliable companies with a good reputation and customer satisfaction. Reading reviews and asking for recommendations will enable you to make a proper choice.

Fleet, Reputation, and Pricing 

Among the factors that you need to consider are fleet size and quality, the company’s reputation in the industry, and price options. Diversion of the fleet ensures that you can select a car that meets your needs and the number of people in the group. Besides, trustworthy companies with transparent price schemes can provide peace of mind in terms of having your airport transfer booked. The best thing is that you don’t need to pay any extra charges or hidden costs. 

Booking Process of Airport Chauffeur Transfers

Here are the steps for the booking process:

Online Booking Platforms

Nowadays, booking an airport chauffeur transfer has become easier thanks to online platforms. Just enter your details, choose the car you want, confirm your booking with a few simple clicks. Such platforms provide ease of use and flexibility for you to book the transfer whenever you want and from anywhere.

Make a Direct Booking 

Otherwise, you can also arrange your airport chauffeur transfer directly with the service provider. Meeting an agent will help to find a suitable way of transportation and a timetable for your trip. Direct booking gives you a direct communication and a customized booking process made just for you.

Confirmation and Communication with the Driver

On the day of airport transfers, be sure to receive confirmation and communication from your chauffeur. They will usually check your taxi location and give further information if needed. Well-defined communication allows a hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Choosing a chauffeured transfer from Frankfurt Airport to Berlin Tegel Airport is a good choice for travellers looking for comfort, reliability, and the hassle-free way to get to their destination. The range of quality and options of service providers from low-cost to premium luxury and vehicles available allows you to choose what best suits you. 

You can go for business, leisure or special occasions travel; these services offer a premium travel experience to make sure you arrive relaxed and on time. By booking in advance, being specific about the services you want, and understanding what is included, you will improve the comfort of your trip.


How many airports are there in Berlin, Germany?

The metropolis has two major airports – Berlin Tegel (TXL) within the northwest and Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF) inside the southwest. These both are worldwide airports.

What is the official name of Berlin Tegel Airport?

The complete call of Berlin Tegel Airport is Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport. It is the primary global airport in Berlin, Germany.

How far is Berlin Tegel Airport from the city?

The distance of Berlin Tegel Airport from the city is 11.5 km. It takes approx. It takes 28 minutes via car to get to the metropolis.

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