Six things to know before hiring an executive chauffeur service

A personal chauffeur service is becoming more popular for busy businessmen and women. This allows them to be more productive than sitting behind the wheel of a car in traffic. You could miss important business events if you choose the wrong company to handle your chauffeuring needs. You may have questions about pricing, service quality, qualifications, vehicles used, and vehicle use during your initial inquiry. Below are some helpful tips to help you understand executive chauffeur hiring.

Are chauffeurs experienced and professional? 

Reputable chauffeur agencies should only employ drivers who have high levels of skill and experience. Ask about their background. This could be a sign that the company is not willing to share their experience with drivers. When hiring chauffeur drivers, it is important to consider their knowledge and familiarity with the area. It is important to keep a professional appearance and maintain confidentiality when dealing with celebrities and VIPs. If the client is at high risk, some companies might offer protection services. Before you travel, be sure to get the email address and phone number of your chauffeur.For a convenient and comfortable start to your trip, consider booking a private airport transfer in Frankfurt.

They should be able answer customers’ questions. 

Customers looking for vehicle services often ask, “What uniform do your drivers wear?” or “How many passengers can you fit in the vehicle?” A small business that can’t do this or provides similar vehicles will probably be less trustworthy than a large company. Most vehicles have a variety of snacks and refreshments available. If not, ask about hidden fees. The chauffeuring company should be able to answer any questions you may have. If the staff is unable to answer your questions clearly or are annoyed by them, you should look elsewhere.

They should be licensed and fully insured 

This is an important consideration. You should make sure that the premium chauffeuring company is insured with a reliable insurance provider. Many smaller chauffeur companies may only get the minimum coverage. If they are unable to prove their coverage, don’t hire them. Drivers and vehicles must be licensed. Each location has its own licensing requirements. Even if you aren’t sure what license they need, you can ask the question and you will probably notice their hesitation if you ask. You should have complete confidence in verifying the driver/vehicle licensing and insurance requirements.

They should sign a contract 

If the company doesn’t have the documentation to prove their legitimacy, don’t book the service. All information, including the wait time and insurance information, must be in writing and signed by both parties. You could lose your money if they try to charge for something without a contract. You want to be sure that you are working with a reputable, prestigious company that provides all documents necessary for you to understand your rights. A chauffeuring company should have a contract to guarantee the quality of their service.

They must be reliable and punctual 

Customers may be charged by luxury chauffeur service providers for time spent driving to their base. You may pay a lot more for a faraway location than you expected. To rack up excessive travel from charges, some chauffeur companies purchase local phone numbers and pay a fee to the phone provider. Do not fall for this. Before you make a booking, ask for a travel to estimate or their postal code. 

You can generally expect your chauffeur to arrive on-time. He or she will plan ahead and leave plenty of time for you to reach your destination. In extreme cases, Chauffeurs might be delayed by traffic. To ensure a productive and pleasant journey, your chauffeur should have access to the itinerary and traffic technology on the day you book. Your car must also look clean, tidy, and new.

They should provide secure payment options 

You can pay the chauffeur by using a card machine that is connected to a payment provider. You may be offered credit terms if you are a regular customer of a company. Avoid cash only transactions and avoid pre-paid bank transfer requests. They may not have access the card machine, which could indicate a small business without an office. This can raise concerns about quality control. You will be asked to provide your complete address for the card payment. Also, ask for a duplicate of your receipt.

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