Frankfurt is a metropolis that brings diverse businesses to the world. If you are organizing a business meeting in this German city, it is very important that you select the appropriate venue which will leave a lasting impression on your clients. The venue you choose can speak volumes about your event and help you leave a powerful imprint in the minds of your clients.

Frankfurt has a portfolio of venues that ranges from classic conference rooms to futuristic, innovative ones that will make an unforgettable impression on your clients. In this blog post, you will learn our top business meeting locations in Frankfurt to enable you to find the ideal place for your next meeting. Whether you prefer a traditional venue or a unique space, our list of the best venues in the city has got you covered.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Meeting Venue

Selecting the most appropriate business meeting site is vital as far as client impressions is concerned. We should consider several aspects that can help or hinder our meeting. Firstly, location is very important. Look for a venue that is convenient and centrally located, taking into consideration all participants’ preferences and accessibility.


Moreover, the atmosphere and ambience of the venue influence the ultimate impression on the minds of your clients. Presenting a business in a professional and well-kept environment creates a good impression and sets the mood for a positive and successful meeting.


A major thing to think about is the services and facilities of the venue. Make certain you have the needed technology in place like audio-visual equipment, high speed internet, and proper lighting to make your presentation run smoothly.

Size of venue

Also, look at the venue size and layout to make sure there is enough space for your group to stay comfortably and that interaction and engagement be promoted among the participants.

Top Places for business Meetings

Let us take a look at the list below:

The Grandeur of Schlosshotel Kronberg

The gorgeous hotel, Schlosshotel Kronberg, is situated in the charming park surroundings of Kronberg, amidst the outskirts of Frankfurt. This majestic castle hotel is a symbol of aristocratic style and refinement, and it will be a perfect place to throw important meetings for your clients.

As you drive along the tree-lined driveway and see the eye-catching elegance and historic allure of Schlosshotel Kronberg for the first time, you will be immediately overwhelmed by its timeless beauty and past glory. The inside should also impress with grand furnishings, sophisticated decor, and royal atmosphere that to make your business meeting extraordinary.


It comes to your mind to host your clients in one of the luxurious meeting rooms that have been decorated with ornate chandeliers, antique furniture and large windows that give a panoramic view of the surrounding gardens. The perfect service and the professionalism of the personnel at Schlosshotel Kronberg assure you that your clients will be treated like kings and queens from the very first moment that they enter.

Modern Elegance at Jumeirah Frankfurt

Jumeirah Frankfurt is among the top venues that offer contemporary glamor and class. At the heart of Frankfurt, the luxury hotel elegantly embodies the best of modern architecture and excellent service for the convenience of business meetings.

The lobby with its stylish look would right from the time you step in, make you feel the luxury of class that sets the stage for a successful meeting. The meeting rooms at Jumeirah Frankfurt are all furnished with the latest technology, so that your presentations will run smoothly and produce a maximum effect.

Either you choose an intimate meeting room or a larger conference room: Jumeirah Frankfurt provides versatile spaces where you can host your meeting of your choice. The artistic décor and the detail, make the place both competent and cozy.

Exclusive Luxury at The Westin Grand Frankfurt

The Westin Grand Frankfurt, situated in the center of Frankfurt, presents exceptional luxury that your clients will be stunned by. This prime location blends tasteful interiors with state of the art facilities to create a unique, sophisticated and elegant venue for your business meetings.

From the moment your customers enter the majestic lobby, they will begin to be conquered by a feeling of luxury and culture. The Westin Grand hotel rooms are fitted with modern furnishings and modern technologies, providing a perfect backdrop for your planned discussions that will be fruitful and serene at the same time.

Whichever type of business meeting it is, presentation, negotiation, or networking, the Westin Grand Frankfurt offers the exquisite ambience for a successful event. Priding ourselves on unmatched service, magnificent culinary options, and well versed in the organization of events, the venue is assured of having your clients in awe of the luxury and professionalism offered by the establishment.

Unique Charm of Villa Kennedy

Located in the center of Frankfurt, the Villa Kennedy has a special atmosphere that will please your customers. Charm and grandeur of the past and modern opulence meet in this magnificent venue that will be a perfect place for your business meetings and other events.

As you walk to Villa de Kennedy’s gardens, you feel a wave of tranquility that embraces you and prepares you for a prosperous and motivating business event. The architecture of the villa is a combination of classic and modern design elements with a touch of sophistication that makes it both a cozy and grand place to stay.


The interior of the meeting rooms at Villa Kennedy is decorated with sophisticated furniture, latest technologies and plenty of daylight. Whether you have a small executive meeting or a larger corporate event, versatile spaces can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences.

Tech-Savvy Spaces at NH Collection Frankfurt City

NH Collection Frankfurt City will provide state-of-the-art spaces that will definitely cut the mustard with your clients. Armed with up-to-date audiovisual machines, high-speed internet, and contemporary presentation units, you can execute your business meetings effectively and comfortably. The modern and slick look of the meeting rooms builds a professional environment, which is just right for making a lasting impression with your clients.

 Moreover, the staff at NH Collection Frankfurt City are committed to helping you with the organization of your meeting while you concentrate on your presentation and your discussion without any interruption. Whether it is a small group meeting or a big conference, NH Collection Frankfurt City with tech-savvy spaces is the perfect spot for a successful business event.

Waterfront Views at Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof

This Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof is one of prestigious venues with picturesque lake views which will excite your clients while business meetings. Located in the heart of Frankfurt, the hotel features a refined and elegant design where you can host your important events.

Now having your business associates in the attractively furnished meeting rooms at Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, they will be exposed to the historical Main River scenery. The relaxing atmosphere of the waterside setting contributes to the peace of your business talks, making it the ideal place for effective conferences.

Tailored Services at Roomers Frankfurt

As picking the right venue for a client meeting can be a deal breaker, it establishes the right tone for the meeting. Roomers Frankfurt is a recommended customer hotspot for those looking for a full-service hotel with a lavish atmosphere. Located at the pulsing center of Frankfurt is Roomers, a fashionable boutique hotel which is high on style and promise. Already at the first moment you visit Roomers Frankfurt you are welcomed by a combination of modern design and comfort. Everything here is well thought out, from the furniture to the services offered by the staff.

One of the interesting characteristics of Roomers Frankfurt is their dedication to offering specialized services that meet the specific requirements of individual clients. From dining options that are tailored to your specific requirements to the latest in audiovisual technology, the Roomers team works diligently to ensure that all meeting details are delivered with precision and the highest standards.

When it comes to choosing Roomers Frankfurt as the meeting point for your business, it is not only about spoiling your clients – it is about creating a long-lasting impression that will correspond with your level of professionalism. Roomers Frankfurt offers personalized services, a luxurious atmosphere and an excellent location, which makes it the perfect choice for those who seek to stand out and create an unforgettable experience for their corporate meetings.


Frankfurt, being a thriving business centre with the latest technology in place, has a selection of venues that will bring your client meetings to the next level. Through careful selection of the right venue, you get to set the pace for a strategic and productive meeting which also leaves your customers with good impression.

Whether it is a sleek and modern conference room in the financial district, or sophisticated and elegant venues offering views of the city skyline, Frankfurt has something for everyone’s business requirements. An appropriate venue choice tying with your brand image and the type of meeting build up a professional and welcoming atmosphere which enriches the experience of your customers.

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